Julian Omidi was trained as a physician, and currently works as a consultant in Los Angeles. He also directs the activities of two nonprofit organizations, Animal Support and Civic Duty. An activist, advocate and co-founder of numerous social welfare entities along with his brother Dr. Michael Omidi, Julian often travels to deliver presentations about the various causes he supports.

His website covers news related to animal rights and welfare, global poverty, public health and the need for increased civic duty to create a safer, more vibrant society. The blog focuses primarily on the causes of animal welfare and civic duty, though discussions and articles cover a wide spectrum of related topics.
When applicable, hard news and research will be the focal point of the site’s current events coverage and blog posts. Readers and visitors are encouraged to leave feedback via the comments section whenever they wish to contribute to the discussion at hand.

Julian’s philosophy and advocacy speaks to his overall belief that citizens of every nation can improve their immediate environment by engaging more in the activities of their communities, whether by donating their time, money or knowledge to community-based organizations. In addition, he feels that widespread animal abuse is a problem that demands more attention.
When it comes to the seemingly paradoxical challenges of global hunger and childhood obesity, Julian works to address each in a unique way. He and his brother Michael co-founded the Children’s Obesity Fund, as well as the organization No More Poverty. Whether the issue is lack of nourishment, inefficient distribution of food, or poor nutrition, Julian Omidi confronts the challenges directly.

He attempts to encourage others to fight for a safer, happier and healthier world community, as he himself does on a daily basis. Julian believes that concerted effort can defeat many of the most intractable social ills, and eradicate long-standing problems that have plagued humanity for centuries.
Please feel free to read and respond to items that interest you, and provide links and resources that you feel could help in the causes which we jointly serve. See the blog, newsroom and list of specific charitable causes for more precise information about particular topics.